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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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live doppler 9000 hd, down to the shenandoah valley. here's woodstock down toward newmarket here and as you go just south-southeast out toward charlottesville, that's where the heavy band of rain we were looking at going down to raleigh is. this is moving into parts of west virginia as well. this is what we'll be tracking over the next few hours. look at the temperatures though. they're very mild. as mike was talking about. 59 for winchester and culpepper and frederick. 61 here at reagan national. 60 in la plata. 61 across. cambridge, warm spot at 63. the high temperatures which will occur in the next few hours before dropping this afternoon may get to the mid to upper 60s on the eastern shore. 64 here in washington. upper 50s to low 60s. these will be some midmorning highs. we'll be in the 50s this afternoon as that front pushes through. monika samtani, how is the traffic looking so far? >> well, you know, considering we have wet road conditions right now, things are not looking too bad. let's keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way. good morning, everybody.
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here on the beltway, incident- free all around town. we'll zoom into 395 and 29 and the beltway south of town. let's take a live look first into springfield, northbound 95, normal volume as you head through springfield up to the beltway. 395 at the pentagon, also looking good here as you head for the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open on the interstate. we'll go back over to the maps, this time heading to the west side of town. no problems on the dulles toll road, everything is fine on route 7 out of leesburg. route 123 through tysons. 66 heading for the beltway, we'll go further inside at the roosevelt bridge. no problems heading into the downtown area. everything is fine inside the beltway. coming up, we'll go into maryland at 5:09. mike? >> 5:02 now, the court- appointed psychologist think the accused white house shooter is indeed competent to stand trial. after a 50-minute screening, dr. lid beth teagarden of
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alexandria concluded ortega understands what is going on in the courtroom and can help in his own defense. this is despite making claims he's the son of god. prosecutors are asking that a more thorough psychiatric follow-up will happen before the case moves forward. ortega hernandez is accused of firing nine shots at the white house and even hitting the live-in quarters with one of the shots earlier this month. the 26-year-old police are calling a one woman crime spree has struck again. police say stephanie schwab is now wanted for attempted carjacking in baltimore county. they say she stopped a driver on thanksgiving day at a safeway parking lot. the female drive err fought back and was stabbed in the hand. her attacker ran away. schwab is wanted for two bank robberies in fairfax county, virginia. these are surveillance pictures from one of those holdups. schwab is also wanted in a carjacking at tysons galleria. well, there is a new woman making allegations against republican presidential candidate herman cain. however, she is not saying cain
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sexually harassed her. ginger white said she carried on an extramarital affair with cain for 13 years. >> i was aware that he was married and i was aware i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> i acknowledged that i've known her for about that period of time but the accusation that i had a 13-year affair with her, no! >> cain says he was just trying to help white financially. a statement from cain's attorney calls this accusation a private conduct matter and "not proper subject or inquiry by the media or the public." white said the affair ended shortly before cain announced his candidacy. time for the latest "your money" report of the morning. >> that's why jessica doyle is here. >> good morning to both of you. cyber monday, big success. about 15% with sales there and over the weekend, sales were very, very strong and that helped wall street to really fire things up yesterday. the broader market jumped about 3% and stocks are higher yet
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again around the world today on hopes that european leaders are considering new radical proposals to fix the region's debt crisis. checking the numbers, the dow was up 291 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq up by 85. s&p 500 was better by almost 34 points. their goal is to save the 17- nation euro currency and protect europe, asia and the u.s. and the rest of the global economy from the european debt crisis. if the euro fails, bank lend would go freeze, stock markets would likely crash and europe's economies would crater. one thing most agree on, it is impossible for the common currency to survive without common economic rules among the eu countries. general motors is offering free loaner cars to chevy volt owners. there are new worries about the vehicles possibly catching fire. the national highway traffic safety administration announced that the government is investigating fires involving the lithium ion batteries. g.m. says the electric cars are safe
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but if it will contact them. an important note, there have been no volt fires on the road. this is only during lab testing. g.m. is being very proactive about this. testing the vehicles to make sure they're safe. >> that's smart because that car is a huge success for them. >> it is. they've seen the failures of toyota dealing with some of their p.r. nightmares. they have definitely taken lessons from that. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> the regift. a lot of people are doing it. we'll talk about some really awkward ones that have popped up. >> it is a good economic benefit. >> thanks, jess. >> i know you really need it much more than i do. thanks, jess. a lawsuit over a ten commandments display at a virginia school will go forward. that story is coming up. >> plus, the federal government is helping with repair costs when it comes to local roads washed out by hurricane irene and tropical storm lee. >> ahead in sports, he got hired thanksgiving day four years ago but now bruce boudreau is out as the capitals coach. we'll be right back.
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it is 5:08 on this tuesday morning. grabbing the rain gear. we've been watching the dopplers overnight. watching an area of rain, especially hefty out in the carolinas, just coming into view now up toward new market and harrisonburg and charlottesville. lighter showers have been pushing through the region. we have wet streets around. even in southern maryland down in st. mary's county, you may run into a stray sprinkle or two here in the next little while. that rain is going to work its way toward us a little bit later this morning. temperatures actually next few hours will be about as warm as
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they're going to be all day with highs in the low to mid- 60s. we'll be dropping midday as the heavy band of rain pushes through. this afternoon, not even out of the question, we get a couple of breaks. as that front pushes through, temperatures will drop. by 5:00 to 54 degrees. much chillier air moves in. tonight, 30s and low 40s as we clear out. tomorrow, only in the low 50s here as we're looking at a breezy day. that's about where we should be. so, we've had 70s. we're headed back to normal for the rest of the week after today. i'll be back in about five minutes. we'll look at the seven-day forecast and live doppler 9000 hd. right now, monika has a look at the timesaver traffic. >> we'll take a live look at the beltway south of town at the wilson bridge. it is nice and light. despite the wet road conditions, we're doing fine here between alexandria and oxon hill. coming up, a closer look into virginia at 5:16. mike and andrea? >> thank you, monika. making news at 5:09, a federal judge will not throw out a lawsuit challenging the display of ten commandments in a rural
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virginia school. the giles school board is defending the display. the american civil union did file a lawsuit on behalf of the student and a student's parent. the u.s. department of transportation will help virginia repairs to washed out roads from hurricane irene and tropical storm lee. the commonwealth is getting more than $2.1 million from the federal highway administration's emergency relief program. a winter weather advisory is in effect for memphis and the surrounding areas until midday. the forecasters predicted up to three inches of wet, heavy snowfall overnight. although highs should reach in the mid-40s today. it should help melt what is on the ground already right now. >> we don't expect any snow in the immediate d.c. area. but there will be plenty of rain today. howard has details on that plus a cooler seven-day forecast coming up at 5:15. >> at 5:33, why metro riders should be bracing them themselves for more fare hikes
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next year. >> at 5:39, where you can see a gingerbread house display so big, it has been renamed ginger town! we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum...
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we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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more spectrum means more freedom.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:13 on tuesday morning. the last day we'll be talking about mild temperatures. >> last 60s i have on the map. it won't be bitterly cold. >> seasonal. >> fall is easy in the d.c. area. it is not really difficult. >> november has been great to us. don't kid yourself. it has been a great month. december is going to start fine with normal temperatures. nothing is bitterly cold. the shame of that is though there are people like me itching to get out to the ski areas. we may have to wait a little while, mike. there is no really cold air in sight. let's get going with a look at the dopplers this morning. show you what's happening across the region. heavier band of rain extending from southern and central west virginia through southwestern virginia and central north carolina. it is rotating up toward us. storm system out to the south and west of us. that's going to bring the rain just a little bit later this morning. we're watching it right now on live doppler 9000 hd. off to the south and west of
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town. some showers have been streaming northward through the metro. you see ones there down toward the pax river naval air station. it is the stuff south and west that has a little bit of umph to it this morning. where it is coming down pretty good from woodstock down 81 and route 11 to newmarket. let's zoom in a little bit more here. some of the rain is on the hefty side. tougher time to make it into west virginia. you go south toward harrisonburg and those areas, newmarket. you could really see it. that ride on 522 west of stanley, through stanley as well. luray, get ready. check out harrisonburg. this goes down to raleigh, north carolina. there is a lot of rain that will be working its way toward uses is the point i'm going to make. even though we only have a few showers here and there right now, get ready for wet weather times. could be heavy at times. sunrise not until 7:05. lots of clouds today.
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expect the heaviest rain middle of the day to early afternoon. later on in the afternoon, temperatures drop into the mid- 50s, cold front is actually coming through. i know the winds aren't reflecting that as usual but there is colder air to the south and west. we'll see the showers start to taper off. even at 8:00, can't rule out some leftover showers, temperatures will be down in the lower 50s. you can see the colder temps off to the south and west. it is 40 in lexington, kentucky. in the 50s in charleston. here, we're generally in the low 60s across the region. haymarket is 59. alexandria, springfield, rockville at 60. columbia, 59. here in washington, we sit at 61 this morning with partly to mostly cloudy skies. east-southeast winds at 11. we've had gusts in the 25 range. look at the storm system, this is what's coming through today. yes, that is blue on the map. that is snow on the map. some areas in western tennessee have reported upwards of five inches of snow. this system will not bring us -- it will bring us the wet weather.
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it will bring some colder temperatures here starting tonight and tomorrow. today, 64 this morning. periods of rain. could be heavy midday. dropping in the afternoon. 52 tomorrow. we'll be in the 30s and low 40s to start. chilly on thursday. only around 50. then check out the rest of the seven-day forecast. another good weekend. seasonally cool with highs in the low to mid-50s. nighttime lows in the 30s. high temperature about a 7. good morning, monika. >> good morning, everybody. i'm happy to say we're starting off the tuesday morning really well. no big incidents to report all around town. let's zoom in first to the wet side. here's what it looks like on the beltway. things are looking good. there is one minor incident on the inner loop at route 236. a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. otherwise, the toll road, 66, legion bridge, everything is fine. let's take a look at the legion bridge. southbound leaving bethesda across the bridge span, here is what it looks like right now. we'll go over to the beltway at georgia avenue. bet road conditions and normal
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volumes through silver springs leaving 95 on the outer loop of the beltway. let's go back over to the maps if you use public transportation, the rains are running on time, metro, marc and vre. we'll go into virginia at 5:24. mike and andrea. >> they started the season on a hot streak. i think they won seven or eight in a row. now, the caps have fired bruce boudreau, the coach. >> he's been replaced with a former washington player. i remember when this guy had dark hair with a reputation of never slowing down. a reintroduction to dale hunter coming up in sports. >> good luck to him. >> another look at the question of the day today... >> here is a response you posted on our facebook fan page, terri wrote i can't believe people would use the dishwasher. i will guess c. i have a blender, never use it.
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>> we want you to weigh in. log on to our facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll have the answer coming up in our 6:00 show.
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get ready forsome changes. we've got some rain on the way. we had showers during the overnight period. few more coming into southern maryland now. the bulk of the rain off to our west and southwest this morning will work its way toward us. all over the next three to six hours and could be coming down in a pretty good clip here by the middle of the day. let's put our future cast in motion at 9:00 this morning. 64, probably going to be the high for the day. as we head toward the lunch hour, look how the heavier rains will be on top of the metro and moving across the region, especially for the first part of the afternoon. second part of the afternoon, more breaks, especially south and west but some lingering showers for the drive home as temperatures by then will have dropped into the low 50s. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. bruce boudreau led the caps to several division titles but
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not one single stanley cup. >> there was a string of poor play. now, mr. boudreau is out and a former washington player will be coaching the team soon as in tonight. kristen berset has more on the surprise move in your morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. on thanksgiving day 2007, the capitals fired glenham lynn and brought in bruce boudreau as their head coach. he took this team from the basement to the top of the league but now, almost four years to the day, the caps say good-bye to gaby and welcome a familiar face. former capitals captain dale hunter led the team in practice yesterday as head coach. hunter played 12 seasons with the capitals, 1997 all-star and his number 32 jersey hangs from the rafters at the verizon center. he's spent the last 11 seasons coaching in the ontario league but he was always a capital at heart. >> we've talked consistently over 12 years.
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was always hoping dale could coach this team but timing is everything. and the time is right now. >> i would like to bring a winner here. start us off by making the playoffs. once you get in, anything can happen. >> despite getting fired yesterday, boudreau did a lot for the capitals organization. he was hired in '07 and this season, became the fastest coach in the nfl to reach 200 wins. the capitals won the president's trophy in 2010 for having the best record and boudreau also led the caps to four straight division titles but suffered early exits each time, never getting past the second round. that's going to do it for your morning sports, we'll have full coverage of hunter's first game at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. i'm kristen berset, have a great tuesday. this morning, a presidential candidate who has already been accused of sexually harassing several women is now facing a different kind of allegation. that story is coming up. >> plus, taking a cab in the district could be costing.
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>> lot more -- could be costing you a lot more soon. monika? >> if you're planning to head on to 66, here's what it looks like at nutley street. all overnight construction at 123 was cleared. coming up in my next report, more on virginia roadways at 5:29. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it is coming up on 5:30 this tuesday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. she is, too. she'll have traffic momentarily. howard bernstein has your weather first. i had a lot of friends that decided to play golf the last couple of days. i think they're putting the clubs away today. >> i played two hours yesterday. >> not in the bubble. >> not in the bubble. >> outside. >> a lot of people have been taking advantage of the last
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few days. we had the leaf blowers blowing out there as well. today is not going to be one of those days. we'll have the rain moving in. by the middle of the day, the rain is going to be coming down for awhile. could pick up a quick inch in spots. colder temperatures will follow as we get into tonight and the remainder of the week. normal cold for late november, early december. your day planner for this tuesday, get ready for showers here through 9:00. main some heavier rains after 9:00. early this afternoon. later this afternoon, more scattered showers. temperatures dropping from the low to mid-60s early to the low to mid-50s later as the cooler air works its way in. look at this on the satellite radar combined, you can see the hefty rains from raleigh up toward charlottesville, harrisonburg and newmarket. we've been tracking this on live doppler 9000 hd all morning. generally dry in the metro. couple of light sprinkles, southern calvert county. you go west now, getting west of strasburg here in the mountains and down through newmarket. show you some -- this stuff is coming down at a good slip. it will slow you folks in the
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valley from around del rey through wardensville back through woodstock although west of you, south through harrisonburg and charlottesville. it is all headed toward us. let's toss it over to monika samtani. she'll update with you timesaver traffic here. >> well, you know, i've got good news for you. for virginia drivers, especially. good morning, everybody. no problems on the beltway. let's go south right now on to 95 leaving the occoquan river into springfield. everything is fine. let's take a live look at the prince william parkway. no problems here as you head through woodbridge to the occoquan river. we'll go a little further north into springfield on the northbound side. leaving this to the beltway on to 395 to the 14th street bridge looks like this all the way up. we'll go to 66 for the last live look at the roosevelt bridge. looking fine inside the beltway into the downtown area. coming up, we'll go into maryland at 5:39. mike and andrea? >> republican presidential candidate herman cain is facing new trouble this morning on top of slipping to third place in a
5:30 am
recent poll behind newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> it has been a month since the first of several women have come out making sexual harassment allegations against cain. but now, a woman named ginger white from atlanta says she had an affair with cain for more than a decade. cain says white is only a friend who he helped financially. so, he held a news conference or he talked to wolf blitter on cnn, denying the affair. >> get out in front of it because i have nothing to hide. i have done nothing wrong. >> it is pretty simple. it was uncompliccated. i was aware that he was married. i was also aware that i was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship. >> white says cain bought her plane tickets and showered her with lavish gifts. his name is in her cell phone contacts. the 13-year affair ended with cain shortly before he announced he was running for president. cain's attorney says the media has no right to look into cape's private life.
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the district will start taking application for spots in subsidized apartments and dozens of people started lining up last night for the chance at low cost housing. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live in d.c.'s columbia heights neighborhood with more. good morning, surae. >> good morning. at least it was a mild night but still miserable. it raped overnight. the wind is picking up. a lot of these folks are wet from overnight. they've been sleeping on the ground huddled up. they've got their umbrella trying to sleep here but it is starting to wrap around the building now. i've counted about 80 people just in the hopes of getting on this waiting list for subsidized housing. and this doesn't even guarantee them a spot to get into these apartments. as people standing in line including diamond whitaker, she's been looking for a place to stay for months now for her family. but no luck. she says all she could do was to camp out here.
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>> it is important for me to be here because i have a 3-year- old, about to be 4. renton whitaker. i love him to death so i'm out here standing for him. >> whitaker says she's been look at shelters and other subsidized housing but they're all full. so, she said i'm going to go ahead and camp out here. she's been out here since about 6:00 last night. so, it has been a rough night for some of the folks and the line continues to build. i talked with a security guard inside because they're going to start taking applications at about 11:00. he says from time to time, the district's housing authority does this for open houses for when apartments start to open up. but never has he seen people standing in line like they are for -- to spend the night. just for the chance and the opportunity to get inside. andrea, mike? >> all right, surae chinn reporting live from d.c. today, the montgomery
5:33 am
county council will introduce a bill to permit the montgomery county police department to operate cameras on the exterior of public school buses. the bill already has four sponsors so it is expected to pass easily. the exterior cameras would photograph drivers most likely to prove when a driver runs past a bus flashingity red lights. the school system has nearly 13,000 buses. d.c. be's taxicab commission is considering nearly doubling the tax fare rate interests $1.50 per mile to $2.75 a mile. the surcharge is for extra riders or luggage would be dropped under the plan though. a public hearing will be held today and cabbies say the current rates aren't on par with other cities. what's more, they say, they need to be compensated for the high cost of living in the district. the commission is required to review the rates every two years but the per mile rate hasn't been changed since 2006. today's "washington examiner" had bad news for metro riders. rail and bus trips are expected to cost more come next july.
5:34 am
the transit agency is forecasting a $124 million dollar shortfall in next year's proposed budget. metro's current budget calls for fare increases every two years even without a budget gap. after fare increases in july 2010, another round is due. it is believed the minimum increase would be 10 cents per trip. just about 5:35. time for another "your money" report. >> jessica doyle is back with more consumer news. >> if you do a little bit of online shopping the last couple of days. >> so, did i. >> well, you had a lot of company. >> i got started last week. >> good for you. >> we've been getting deals. if online shopping is something you're into, yesterday was your day. that was the case for a lot of people. more than 120 million americans took advantage of cyber monday bargains up about 15% over last year. nearly 80% of retailers offered special online promotions to use social media including facebook and daily deals sites.
5:35 am
more people shopped using their smart phone or other mobile device than last year. the strong cyber monday showing follows a record breaking weekend of sales at the stores. if you ever opened a present and feel mmm, not quite right for me. main it wasn't exactly purchased for you. a lot of people regift this time of year. now, a new surae from, finds 41% of adults have regifted an item and the more people make, the more likely it is that they've actually regifted. >> no way. >> that's why they have money, i guess. they're savvy. 49% of people who make more than $75,000 say they have regifted. that's compared to 33% of those who make less than $35,000. get this, some of the most awkward regifts, plungers. why? plungers. cheese steaks. and jumper cables. i guess there's value in that. >> facebook could be inching closer to become being a public company.
5:36 am
there is a new round of reports about plans for an ipo. the latest speculation is the stock value would value facebook upwards of $100 billion and the social networking firm is targeting a timeframe of april to june 2012. at $100 billion, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg would be worth about $24 billion, more than google's cofounders, larry page and sergei bryn. >> the interesting thing about that story, when mark zuckerberg first talked about way long time ago, somebody offered him a billion dollars for the company and he said no. >> no way. >> pretty smart. >> yep. >> we'll have to see. people are starting to say $100 billion might be a little lofty. we've seen groupon's ipo, the stock has been dipping below the ipo. >> facebook is an international phenomenon. >> but $100 billion is a lot more than google was worth when it ipoed. >> main they could help the
5:37 am
subcommittee. give -- the supercommittee. give them some help. >> the mall is starting to look a lot more like christmas. >> you have a few days to see what could, the area's biggest gingerbread display. we'll be back.
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don't need the umbrella at the moment but take the rain gear with you today. we've got rain on the way. you can see it coming in from the south and the west. it will rotate toward us over the next several hours. lighter showers at 9:00. middle of the day, the heaviest rains. by this afternoon, we're cooling down into the low to mid-50s with leftover showers. seven-day forecast coming up in about five minutes. monika has a look at our timesaver traffic. >> we're getting word of an accident on the beltway. here is a live look at connecticut avenue, just out of the camera shot on the inner loop at connecticut. an accident in the right lane.
5:40 am
i'll have more on this and other maryland roadways coming up at 5:48. back to you. thank you, monika. the u.s. capitol christmas tree has arrived. the 63 foot from california's sierra nevada points, the tree will stand on the west lawn of the capitol. crews will decorate it with more than 10,000 l.e.d. lights and more than 200,000 hand-made ornaments. the u.s. capitol tree-lighting ceremony takes place a week from today. today, a huge gingerbread city goes on display in northwest washington and we were able to get a sneak peek as david m. schwarz, a tech finished creating gingertown 2011. this year's theme is elf vegas. the gingertown creation uses hundreds of pounds of sweet building materials including jellybeans, icing, sprinkles, even gumdrops. it is on display through friday in the lobby of washington square building at 1050 connecticut avenue. after that, individual pieces will be auctioned off for
5:41 am
charity. 6:-- 5:41. it can be tough for any of us to make repairs around the house. >> especially for low income and disabled residents. there is help available though. still ahead, how one group is rebuilding homes and faith. >> happy birthday to you. here's who's celebrating a birthday. one of the great voices in sports broadcasting, vin sculley is 84. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is 54. chicago's mayor, rahm imon yell is 52. >> oscar nominated actor don cheadle is 47. yankee's closer mariana rivera is 42. anna farris is 35. if it is your birthday, happy birthday. we'll be right back.
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horde told you take the -- howard told you, take the umbrella today. put the coat in the car for tomorrow. >> you may need the light coats as temperatures drop off into the lower 50s. we're warm early, cooler late. may feature heavy rains. keep that in mind. we'll start with a look at the radars. bus stop forecast. you can see the heavy band of rain coming in toward the charlottesville area in a little while. lynchburg passing through raleigh. ride up 85 in raleigh will be a rough one for a little while. all of this is going to rotate toward us over the next few hours. looking at live doppler 9000 hd, it is quiet in the metro. quiet outside. got a couple of light sprinkles here in calvert county. and over toward main tillman on the eastern shore. that's moving north. this is the stuff we've been watching big time out to the west. some leftier rains now coming
5:46 am
into virginia but mainly in the shenandoah valley and southwestern virginia, we'll zoom in and show you here that it has been making it now north of the border here and into the mountains from del rey, capin ridge tracking up toward cumberland with lighter showers. as we head down toward harrisonburg and charlottesville and those areas, it really does pick up. look at this at 5:22 at stanley, it is coming down in buckets there. all of it is moving off toward the north-northwest. close to 50 miles per hour. the whole area is going to slide to the east-northeast. at the bus stop this morning, it is damp. could be a few showers later. pretty quiet. temperatures are mild though. 58 to 64 with a sunrise at 7:05. today, lighter showers by 9:00 from southwest to northeast. middle of the day, it should be coming down pretty good. 63. southeast winds at 15 could be gusting over 20 at times. by 1:00, hefty rain, 59. notice the temperatures
5:47 am
dropping off by 3:00. by 5:00, i think we're back into the lighter showers from west to east early afternoon. and 54 degrees. we'll be cooling down. it is 61 in washington and culpepper. easton is 61. very mild morning out there. a very humid morning. dew points way up in the 50s now and the barometer is dropping big time. it could be kind of an achy day for a lot of people. this is the storm system coming toward us. you'll notice big counterclockwise circulation. blue on the map. it is snow into parts of arkansas and tennessee. some areas at five inches of snow overnight from this system. we could get main an inch of rain if this comes in. the middle of the day is when it will be the worst. cooler with lighter showers late. all right, 64 this morning. falling temps this afternoon. tonight, 30s and low 40s. tomorrow, only about 52. a blustery day. sun returns. chilly on thursday. 20s and 30s in the morning. we finish around 50.
5:48 am
the rest of the extended looks pretty good through the weekend. 'skins are home on sunday. monday, another chance of showers but mild. temperatures still in the 50s. not a bad start to the month of december. here's monika hoping not a bad start to the morning commute. >> not at all. it will be sort of an icky day weatherwise. not bad trafficwise i'm happy to say. we'll go to the north vied of town. an incident on the northside of the beltway. it was already moved to the right shoulder. live look on the inner loop of the beltway here at old georgetown road. normal volume, no big deals. northside right through silver spring and into college park. live look at 270 at montrose road coming in from frederick down to the point where the lanes divide. you'll be ok. no problems as you head past this point to the point where the lanes divide. if you're heading south to the american legion bridge, serving fine there as well. back over to the maps, a heads up if you plan to take mark brunswick line, it is about 20 minutes late right now.
5:49 am
andrea, back to you. thank you, monika. making news at 5:49, the accused east coast rapist will be sent from connecticut to stand trial. aaron thomas pleaded not guilty. he could face 50 years on that charge. but thomas is accused of multiple attacks in virginia and could face several life sentences if he's convicted in the commonwealth. michael jackson's doctor will learn his sentence today. conrad murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the pop star's 2009 death from a drug overdose. prosecutors want a four-year sentence. murray's attorneys are arguing for probation. >> this morning, south korea's president siped a new free- trade agreement with the u.s. the ruling conservative party pushed the measures through parliament despite protests. the two countries are trying to finalize all aspects by january 1st. >> how would you like a team of skilled workers to come to your home and make a bunch of repairs for free? >> that's exactly what
5:50 am
rebuilding together does. j.c. hayward shows us how in today's hero central report. >> rebuilding together of washington, d.c. makes free repairs for low income homeowners. especially veterans, the elderly, disabled and families with children. they also renovate community facilities that serve their target population. >> what we do is perform free repairs at community facilities all around the city, many of them focus on services to the homeless community like the one we're working on today. where homeless families are served. they have a place to wash their clothes. we got them a new washer and dryer. they have a place to get their meal so we're fixing their kitchen cabinets. >> volunteers from the washington nationals are working at shirley's place, a homeless hospitality center that offers showers, food, and a comforting environment. >> this is something we look forward to at the nationals every year. we do this once a year out in
5:51 am
the community. we really get a lot of personal satisfaction out of doing this type of project. >> skilled workers are building shelves, installing cabinets and even adding a play area for children. walls are being painted and shirley's place will have a fresh, new look. >> i'm really glad they're doing a lot of restoration even though it is a beautiful place in the beginning. i'm really excited about the children's area and i'm sure my daughter will be really excited, too. >> naema hayes comes here every day. soon, she hopes to have a place of her own. >> you or your organization can actually sponsor a homeless project. just asim bell a group of volunteers to do the work and rebuilding together of washington, d.c. will work with you. they'll match you up with a needy homeowner and they'll guide you step by step. i can assure you it will be a meaningful volunteer experience. >> thank you notes saying thank
5:52 am
you, i can now stay in my home. there's no place like home. this is where people want to stay. they don't want to be removed and go to a nursing facility. they want to stay in their house. what we do allows people to stay. >> i'm j.c. hayward, 9news now. rebuilding together celebrates its 29th anniversary next year. to find out how you can help them continue their work in their poorest neighborhoods, visit >> still ahead, does your child keep asking for things when you're at the store all the time? money matters aren't always easy to teach. we'll talk to an author who has some ideas for parents. >> up next, a preview of tonight's victoria's secret fashion show airing right here on channel 9. it is all about the clothes, right, jess? >> that's right. we've got a couple of great gift ideas. it is for the hard to buy for person. that is coming up at 6:06. you're watching 9news now.
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>> we've had some showers overnight. we have a band of rain. moderate to heavy band of rain headed this way. by 9:00, this may even be a little bit farther north and east. watch out in culpepper, might even getting toward prince william county and up toward leesburg with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. that will be as warm as it gets for the day. the band is with us. then in the afternoon, the heavy stuff starts to lift north and east. leftover showers. temperatures will be dropping into the low to mid-50s by the time you head home. colder air works its way toward us. we'll be rather chilly for the remainder of the week. we'll talk more about that coming up on 9news now at 6:00. a newer holiday tradition returns to cbs tonight at 10:00. it is the annual victoria's secret's fashion show. >> the models show off their newest lingerie collections and clothes, too. we have a preview of the star- studded affair including a top- notch musical line-up.
5:57 am
>> kanye west along with jay-z, nicki minaj and maroon 5 who didn't take long to say yes to this gig. >> our first reaction was yes and then we got excited about it and we got more excited about it and now, so excited. it is a great show. it is really fun. doesn't fall into the pitfalls the other shows fall into it where it gets serious. i just like how everyone is smiling and laughing and dancing. kind of the antifashion show of fashion shows in a weird way which is really cool. >> despite all of that talent, the one thing that stands out is simple. >> the biggest models in the world wearing the -- the most beautiful girls in the world wearing the sexiest lingerie. >> this year's show features 38 models displaying 69 different looks along with 30 dancers, ballerinas and a whole lot more. >> i am really excited, i'm so anxious to go out there and work it. it is going to be a great show for sure. this is a pretty amazing opportunity.
5:58 am
it is a fun show. it is an experience of a lifetime. and it is a great company to be a part of. >> including the fantasy bra being worn by miranda kerr. >> it is like a piece of art. it is so beautiful. you know, it is not every day you get to wear a bra like that. >> as for working the runway -- >> sexy is really a state of mind. so, if you're just feeling comfortable and you enjoy the music, then you definitely are feeling good. >> there is plenty to feel good about. as this fashion frenzy has all of the sexy glitz, glam and musical entertainment you can handle. >> er just a state of mind. there it is. we thank you for starting your 6:00 a.m. with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. here's monika samtani. she will have traffic momentarily. mr. howard bernstein, clearing room on his dvr for that show. >> gotta delete some of the old
5:59 am
stuff. >> stay up late and watch it. >> i'll record a half hour before and after, just in days there are any delays. >> we want to support our mothership network, cbs. >> let's get going with the forecast. speaking of support, huh? [ laughter ] >> nice pun, mike! 62 degrees this morning with mostly cloudy skies. showers moving in. in fact, some of the showers will get heavy later this morning into the afternoon. taper off this afternoon as temperatures drop into the lower 50s. it is going to get cold as the day wears on. look at the heavy band of rain coming out of carolina through southwestern virginia. now, it is moving through charlottesville up through the shenandoah valley. it will be here in a few hours and really mess us up for the middle of the day. metro is fairly quiet. couple of sprinkles getting in toward southern anne arundel county. watch out for that if you're look the bay. west of town going south on i- 81 to roanoke. this is some of the heavy rain you'll


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